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Look how this family has grown over the past few years! What a pleasure it is to meet with this crew each year. A new addition to the family made this shoot even more special. Wishing you guys another year of happiness… until next year!


Higgins2017blog-1Annie + Anthony

It is always a fun time when I get together with old friends to take some pictures. Driving the streets of Houston, we discovered both fun and beautiful locations to shoot. I had a great time, guys. Here’s to many more years of happiness for you two!



HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 001

Meet Clear Lake High School Senior John! We met up at Hermann Park a couple weeks ago for his Senior Photos. John was a natural in front of the camera and is apparently a natural at Basketball. His team went to the state championship last year! You’ve got a great future John. Keep up the hard work!

HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 016HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 015HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 014HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 013HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 012HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 011HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 010HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 009HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 008HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 007HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 006HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 005HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 004HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 003HoustonSeniorPhotographerJohn 002


HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey_headerKelsey is graduating from High School shortly and is off to Iowa State University this fall. Congratulations Kelsey! Wish you the best for the coming year. Hope your first year is a blast!

HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey 1

HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey 2

HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey 3

HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey 5

HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey 6

HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey 7

HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey 8

HoustonSeniorPhotographer_Kelsey 9


HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 011Happy Monday blog readers! Meet Clear Lake High School Senior Claire. Claire was a natural in front of the camera, and is going to have her pick of several amazing colleges that she’s already been accepted to. Thank you for letting me take your senior photos Claire!HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 002HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 001HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 016HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 015HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 014HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 013HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 012HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 010HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 009HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 008HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 007HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 006HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 005HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 004HoustonSeniorPhotographerClaire 003

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