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When your BFF’s get engaged taking their engagement photos becomes more fun and laughs than work at all. Madeline and Wilson will be getting married in October of next year. If you don’t know them there are a few things about them you’ll soon find out from the photos to follow. Number one… they both LOVE cupcakes. They both love looking at stars, though different types. He’s an astronomer, she’s an actress. They are both hilarious and love to laugh. But most of all, they love each other. We are so happy for you two and thankful we were able to capture these moments for you before you get married. As I said in the beginning, with friends there are often more laughs than anything else so be sure to catch the ‘goofs’ at the end. We wish you guys endless happiness. Love you both!!

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Click here to see the making of the kiss shot!


HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 001Everyone meet Lauren and Kyle. Lauren is from Houston, but they both live in Ohio now. They are engaged and are getting married in the Dominican Republic this August. How cool is that? We had a blast taking these photos a couple weekends ago. Thank you guys for letting me document the occasion!HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 002HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 003HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 005HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 006HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 007HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 008HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 009HoustonEngagementPhotographerLK 010


Amber and Javier are getting married in just a few days but that didn’t keep us from getting together last week to take some engagement photos. Even though I haven’t known these two for long, their love for each other is plain to see. We are looking forward to this Friday guys!


They met, they fell in love, and now Lauren & Marcus are engaged to be married! Right now they are living in different cities separated by about 100 miles but come next July that will be no more. Although still a year away we are really looking forward to the wedding of the fun couple. Congratulations again Lauren & Marcus… as you plan your wedding I know this next year will fly by and you’ll soon be husband & wife!


Meet Brian and Tiffany! They are getting in married in December of this year, so we got together with them last weekend to take their engagement photos. They came prepared for the event with props and even their dog Bear. We had a good time making jokes AND pictures with them. We’re looking forward to shooting their wedding soon!

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