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best of 2012

Best… Excursion at a Wedding

Best… Student Driver

Best… Portrait

Best… Future Model Shot

Best… Cool Couple

Best… Sisterly Love

Best… Cake Taste Tester

Best… Dressed

Best… Future Artist

Best… Senior Portraits

Best… Sweet Sisters

Best… It’s My Birthday Pose

Best… Enthusiasm (it’s Squishy!!)

Best… Spontanious Moment

Best… Newborn

Best… Families

Best Smiles

Best… Men on the move

Best… Maternity Shots

And Finally…

Best… of 2012


Best “first moment of the new year”… January 1, 2011, 12:01 am or so. Kicking off the new year right at Ryan & Cassandra’s wedding in Nashville Tennessee (the place to be)

Best “life threatening” photo … we only make our close friends (or those willing) risk their lives for a good photo opportunity

Best “Cool Kid” pose… and let me tell you this kid is COOL!

Best “album cover that is actually a senior portrait”… goes to Matt.  Matt, who is now well into his first year of college, is the man of MANY talents.

A few more of his talents…

Best “cute couple” … we had a ball with this fun family!

Best “hat”… goes to a few of our youngest clients who I’m sure you will see again in the “best of 2011″

Best “eyes”… without a doubt go to miss Brittany.

Best “pose”… has to be these 3 dudes right before their senior prom

Best “jump”… this was a hard one and I of course couldn’t narrow it down so here are our finalist in no particular order
(You may of thought best jump would be all kids… umm no. Not with our clients:))

Best “look”… oh Henry, you melt my heart!

Best “maternity” shot… again these were too hard to narrow down so here come Emma, Aviva & Ali who all had their babies in 2011

Best “newborn” photo … sweet Eleanor

Best “shadow” portrait … Curtis & Amy you are so silly!

Best “portrait”… this year goes to beautiful Abbey – I just love the bold color of the wall and her expression

Best “hand hold”… goes to Megan & Kurt & their sweet pup, Scout.  Megan & Kurt will be getting married in just a few short months!

Best “reflection shot” & “band photo”… without a doubt go to the Bicho Brothers.  We heart you guys!

Best “lift” shot… went down in Nashville on Holly & Cole’s engagement shoot

Best “Texan” … oh Henry you did it again!
Best “couple”… goes to Chuck & Diana

Best “party after a wedding”… this usually only happens when the bride & groom are IN A BAND!  The Bicho Brother rock!
Best “public display of affection”… goes to Janess & Justin.  Quick back story… Janess when to Rice University.   Justin had the great idea to get on the bus to ride back to the car and snap a few photos while we were riding.  It was late, no one else was on the bus.  Jonathan snapped a few photos of them alone on the bus.  At the next stop the driver yells out, ” you better take that photo quick this bus is about to fill up.”  She was right!  Powderpuff practice had just let out and boy did that bus fill up.

Best “don’t take my picture” picture… goes to Anna for sure!

Best “mother daughter moment”… Holly’s mom doing her makeup before the wedding
Best “groom’s room” moment … Cole & his soon to be father in-law before the weddingBest “father daughter” moment… Holly & her father coming down the aisle.  I tell you this wedding was full of emotion!Best “anticipation”… I love everyones expressions here.  Cole, Holly’s sister, the best man… Best “first kiss”… Holly & Cole
Best “groom before the wedding”… goes to Scott!  No question.Best “ceremony” shot… beautiful church in Houston, Texas.Best “aisle walk” … Scott & Abbey you are rock stars!Best “getaway”… ok there are a few here.  I have been brought to tears more than a few times looking at this series of photos.  The expressions, the excitement, the crowd.  It gets me every time!

Best “dress shot” … taken at Rice UniversityBest “entrance into the reception”… would have to be at Janess & Justin’s wedding – the wedding party & family arrived in a very original way!  Best “ring shot” … the candy bar at this wedding was a sweet bonus! Best “skyline” shot … taken @ The Grove in Houston Texas
Best “flare” shot … sweet Olivia & her sweet mom

Best “cutie pie” shot… goes to Erik aka Squishy

Best “tutu” … sweet Eleanor has grown so much in just a year! Best “running” shot… these boys were full of energy!

Best “loving family” shot… goes to Marc & Jenn and their loving family!  They all gathered together to celebrate the baptism of little Luca.

Best “family portrait”… and we have another 3 way tie!

Best “happy baby”… goes to Gabriel.  This little boy had both his 3 and 8 month photos taken in 2011 and we had a ball with him both times!

Best “shoe” shot… goes to this truly Texas family

Best “big sister” shot… goes to sweet Anna and her new baby sister Sara

Best “spontaneous moment” shot… goes to Parker & his parents

Best “future fashion model” shot… Noah knows layering is the key to high fashion

Best “enthusiasm”… has to be little miss Catie

Best “assistant photographer”… goes to Mr. Seth

Drum roll please…

Best “favorite” photo of 2011 is…

Best of “behind the scenes”

Jonathan will do ANYTHING for the right shot
Evidently we’ve been blinding our clients with this thing.  Sorry!!
Can you spy the photographer?Always willing to help out our clients… even through a field of stickersNo dresses were harmed in the making of this photoI promise we don’t always end up on the dance floor!Ready, aim, fire!No cameras were harmed in the making of this photoWe hope you enjoyed browsing through of our favorite moments of 2011 and hope some of your favorites made it into the mix. We look forward to a great 2012 and wish you the same! – j & b

best of 2010

As the year comes to a close, I always get a bit nostalgic. I love to look back through the blog every now and then and remember the fun we had at past photo shoots and the amazing people we were blessed to meet along the way. I decided to make it easy on myself, and others who wanted to look back as well, and remember some of my favorite photos from the year by making a “favorites of 2010″ blog post. Jonathan and I are looking forward to meeting new faces in 2011 and reconnecting with old ones. We wish all of you the best in 2011 !

PS… Please don’t mind the changing logo.  We went through a sort of “logo identity crisis” this year but we have found the one we LOVE so get used to seeing it on the photos for a loooong time:)

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