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HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 001Hey everyone. Say “Hi” to Clear Springs High School senior Brad. We have know Brad and his family since he was, well… BORN! Well, Brad is all grown up and is a man of many talents. An outstanding pitcher and bowler, we have no doubt he will have a great time next year as he heads off to college. Thanks Brad!HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 002HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 003HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 004HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 005HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 006HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 007HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 008HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 009HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 010HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 011HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 012HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 013HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 014HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 015HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 016HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 017HoustonSeniorPhotographerBrad 018


HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise_headerHappy Easter everyone! Meet Clear Lake High School senior Elise. She’s off to Texas A&M next year. Elise was a natural in front of the camera and made my job easy on this shoot. Have a great first year in College Station!HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 001HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 010HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 013HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 011HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 009HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 008HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 003HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 004HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 007HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 012HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 014HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 005HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 006HoustonSeniorPortraitsElise 002


CraigFirstYo! Everyone meet Craig. He’s a high school senior at Clear Lake High. He’s planning to follow in his folks footsteps and pursue engineering at Texas A&M next year. We had a fun time taking these photos last week. All the best luck next year Craig!HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 002HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 001HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 003HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 004HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 009HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 008HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 007HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 005HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 010HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 011HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 014HoustonSeniorPhotographerCraig 012


CarleySeniorBlog-headerMy cousin Carly… today (August 7th believe it or not) was her first day as a high school senior! Jonathan and I were lucky enough to get to spend a few days with her and her little sis here in Houston before school began. We had a blast driving around town getting these pics (technically Kim and I “watched the car” while they did all the work but nonetheless we had fun). We wish you the best in the coming year, Carly. Enjoy every moment, it will go by so quick! Love you girl xoxoxo.CarleySeniorBlog 005CarleySeniorBlog 010CarleySeniorBlog 012CarleySeniorBlog 015CarleySeniorBlog 018CarleySeniorBlog 024CarleySeniorBlog 026CarleySeniorBlog 033CarleySeniorBlog 038CarleySeniorBlog 043CarleySeniorBlog 047CarleySeniorBlog 049CarleySeniorBlog 061CarleySeniorBlog 052


Time does fly. Brooke is a senior this year. She’ll be graduating soon, moving out of her parents casa and heading off to college. We’ve known Brooke since she was just a kiddo and as you can see she has grown into a beautiful girl. Congratulations Brooke! We wish you the best for this next chapter in your life. – J & B (And a special thanks to her big sis Brittany for helping out with the shoot.)

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