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Blog readers, meet Curtis and Amy. Curtis and Amy, meet the blog. These guys crack me up and we had a lot of fun shooting these photos in honor of their wedding anniversary. I’ve known Curtis for 5 or 6 years and he is the only guy I know that comes up with more hair-brained business ideas than I do.:)Their love of their kids, each other and God are an inspiration to me and I’m honored to call them friends. Thanks for letting me shoot these for you guys!


There are acquaintances, there are friends, and then there are those friends who know everything about you and you know everything about them. Well, here are some of ours. We have been through so many of life’s struggles with Annie and Anthony and we are better people because of them. Before I get too mushy… they invited us to spend an afternoon with them to take some portraits of them being them. This is what we saw.

We love you A&A.

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