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I have one older sister.  Hi Sally!
I grew up mostly on the east coast of Florida. I say “mostly” because I’m not completely grown up yet.
I’m a joke maker. I live to make people laugh.
I’m most happy when I’m spending time with Blakley, our dogs, and our friends.
I love to make pictures that make people feel something.

I have a little brother. Hi Kelly! I say little but he is HUGE.
I grew up in Louisiana & Texas. I used to have a pretty bad accent that shows up every now and again when I’m not paying attention.
I am a screenwriter. Besides being a photographer one day I aspire to have a movie on the “big screen”.
I am most happy when spending time with Jonathan, our two Chihuahua’s Sandy & Cheesecake and our family.
I love working with Jonathan and taking pictures of people that make them smile.

Blakley is the organized one, “here it is” . . .
Jonathan is the technical nerd one, “I can fix that.”
Blakley handles the laundry, “so much laundry” . . .
Jonathan handles the dishes, “so many dishes.”
Blakley handles the bills, “why did the lights just go off?” . . .
Jonathan handles the garbage, “recycle that!”
Blakley hits the snooze bar, “zzzzz” . . .
Jonathan does not, “yes he does!”
Blakley is a mac, “I heart apple” . . .
Jonathan is a pc, “blue screen of death.”
Blakley made our website, “html” . . .
Jonathan helped, “thank you!”
We love working together.
We love watching Seinfeld reruns together.
We don’t get sick of each other.
We love meeting people and hearing their stories.
We love to help others.
f a c e b o o k