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chambers wedding

ChambersBlog-headerHouston + July + Lots of Sunshine. Set up for the big day had begun early that morning. Marcus peered down the aisle as Lauren and her father made their way down. As you will see Lauren looked absolutely stunning. Despite the heat, the day was beautiful and a lot of fun. Marcus & Lauren we wish you guys the best!!

Want more of Marcus and Lauren… check out their engagement photos from last year!ChambersBlog 001ChambersBlog 003ChambersBlog 004ChambersBlog 008ChambersBlog 009ChambersBlog 010ChambersBlog-005_collageChambersBlog 016ChambersBlog 013ChambersBlog 015ChambersBlog 017ChambersBlog 018ChambersBlog 019ChambersBlog 020ChambersBlog 021ChambersBlog-011_collageChambersBlog 014ChambersBlog 022ChambersBlog 023ChambersBlog 024ChambersBlog 025ChambersBlog 026ChambersBlog 027ChambersBlog 028ChambersBlog 029ChambersBlog 030ChambersBlog 031ChambersBlog 032ChambersBlog 033ChambersBlog 034ChambersBlog 035ChambersBlog 036ChambersBlog 037ChambersBlog 038ChambersBlog 039ChambersBlog 041ChambersBlog 042ChambersBlog 043ChambersBlog 044ChambersBlog 045ChambersBlog 046ChambersBlog 047ChambersBlog 048ChambersBlog 049ChambersBlog 051ChambersBlog 052ChambersBlog 054ChambersBlog 055ChambersBlog 057ChambersBlog 058ChambersBlog 059ChambersBlog 060ChambersBlog 061ChambersBlog 062photoboothChambersBooth


DunnBlog_headerTiffany & Brian’s wedding day was a full one!  The girls were up before sunrise to start to get ready for the day to come.  Tiffany and Brian were first married in a Vietnamese service in her families beautiful home.  The day was perfect for this intimate outdoor ceremony.  After that it was time to get ready for a second ceremony across town.  The venue was amazing.  Tiffany looked stunning yet again as she walked down the aisle to meet Brian.  Now that everything official was taken care of, it was time for the party.  Tiffany and Brian took the time to great every guest in the house before the dancing began.  What a fun day.  We wish you guys the best!DunnBlog 013DunnBlog 004DunnBlog 011DunnBlog 008_12DunnBlog 014DunnBlog 017DunnBlog 007DunnBlog 016DunnBlog 018DunnBlog 021DunnBlog 022DunnBlog 024_25DunnBlog 026DunnBlog 027_28_29_30DunnBlog 031DunnBlog 033DunnBlog 034DunnBlog 035DunnBlog 036DunnBlog 037DunnBlog 038DunnBlog 040DunnBlog 041DunnBlog 042DunnBlog 043DunnBlog 039DunnBlog 044DunnBlog 045DunnBlog 046DunnBlog 047DunnBlog 049DunnBlog 051DunnBlog 053DunnBlog 056DunnBlog 057DunnBlog 058DunnBlog 059DunnBlog 060DunnBlog 061DunnBlog 062DunnBlog 063DunnBlog 064DunnBlog 069DunnBlog 070DunnBlog 071DunnBlog 073DunnBlog 075DunnBlog 076_77DunnBlog 065_66DunnBlog 079DunnBlog 080DunnBlog 082DunnBlog 083DunnBlog 084DunnBlog 085DunnBlog 086DunnBlog 088DunnBlog 090DunnBlog 091DunnBlog 092DunnBlog 093DunnBlog 094DunnBlog 095_96DunnBlog 097DunnBlog 098DunnBlog 099DunnBlog 100DunnBlog 067DunnBlog 101DunnBlog 102photoboothDunnPhotobooth


It’s been a busy few weeks of photos for these two but we are proud to finally get to say Amber and Javier are married! Deep in the heart of Beaumont Texas is where you will find the stunning church where Amber & Javier got married just two short weeks ago. Not only was the setting stunning, but also the bride! With a reception full of family from far away Amber & Javier celebrated their love for each other. We wish you two the best! Congratulations Amber & Javier!!


Tori & Harrison couldn’t of asked for a more beautiful wedding day. The girls started the day off with some yoga while the guys traveled to a nearby ranch to witness a ‘hawk hunt’ followed by some fishing and golf. The girls met for brunch then it was off to relax by the pool as they started to get ready for the big event. The guys… well… Jonathan was sworn to secrecy as to what happened next but let’s just say they all arrived dressed and ready to go that afternoon. The day was full of laughter and love and Tori and Harrison were surrounded so many loving friends and family. We consider ourselves lucky to have been a small part of this amazing day. We wish you guys all the best as you start your lives together. – J & B


We don’t always have the opportunity to attend and photograph the rehearsal dinner the night before a wedding, but I felt lucky to have been there on this particular night. Tori and Harrison were surrounded by so many supportive friends and family, it was amazing. Their rehearsal dinner was a beautiful Texas Hill Country evening that was only outdone by their wedding the next day. Stay tuned for the wedding photos coming very soon! – J

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