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If you follow this Blog then you have surely seen this great family before. I couldn’t believe how big Noah and Brady have gotten! It was a drizzly day but we still had a great time taking these photos. Noah even helped me out and took some photos.

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ScoberceaBlog_headerLucy is 6 months old! Time does fly. You probably remember this family from here and here and here… all the way back to here! We are happy to call this beautiful family our dear friends and have gotten the privilege to photograph their family as it’s grown over the past few years. Happy to have you guys in our lives.ScoberceaBlog 003ScoberceaBlog 001ScoberceaBlog 004ScoberceaBlog 002ScoberceaBlog 006ScoberceaBlog 007ScoberceaBlog 010ScoberceaBlog 011ScoberceaBlog 012ScoberceaBlog 013ScoberceaBlog 014ScoberceaBlog 015ScoberceaBlog 016ScoberceaBlog 005


ScobLucy 001We’ve been lucky to get to photograph so many great milestones in our friends’ lives. This is another one of those times. Our dear friends welcomed Lucy Rose into the world just weeks ago. To say she is adorable and precious is an understatement. I hope you enjoy these Raz and Emma. J&BScobLucy 002ScobLucy 003ScobLucy 004ScobLucy 005ScobLucy 006ScobLucy 007ScobLucy 008ScobLucy 009ScobLucy 010ScobLucy 011ScobLucy 012ScobLucy 013ScobLucy 014ScobLucy 015ScobLucy 016ScobLucy 017ScobLucy 018ScobLucy 019ScobLucy 020ScobLucy 021ScobLucy 022


Koo11The last time I got the chance to photograph this family it was only a family of 3. Now it’s a beautiful family of 4. Miss Catie, well, she couldn’t be any cuter. She got to show off many of her talents again this year. I really look forward to photographing this family and it isn’t just so Cameron and I can talk about cars:)Thanks again guys, I will see you next year!Koo11.13Web 091Koo11.13Web 083Koo11.13Web 081Koo11.13Web 094Koo11.13Web 096Koo11.13Web 097Koo11.13Web 103Koo11.13Web 105Koo11.13Web 107Koo11.13Web 108Koo11.13Web 110Koo11.13Web 116Koo11.13Web 119Koo11.13Web 121Koo11.13Web 124Koo11.13Web 136Koo11.13Web 138


HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 000postheadermakerMartEveryone welcome Eric (AKA “Squishy”) back to the Blog. I photographed Erik and his family last year and was lucky enough to get to again this year. Just try not to laugh looking at the squirrel pictures, I dare you. Thanks guys, see y’all next year!HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 001HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 002HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 003HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 004HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 005HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 006HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 007HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 008HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 010HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 011HoustonFamilyPhotographerMart 012

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