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HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 007Well our friends Raz and Emma have done it again! Meet their sweet baby Catherine Elizabeth. She’s just as adorable in person as she is in these photos. We are already looking forward to watching her grow and documenting it along the way. Thanks guys!HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 009HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 008HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 010HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 011HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 012HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 001HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 002HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 003HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 004HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 013HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 014HoustonFamilyPhotographerCath 006


HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 010

If you’ve followed this blog for any time you’ve probably seen these beautiful people before. Well, this family of 3 is going to be a family of 4 very soon. As usual, we had a great time taking these photos down in Sugar Land. Little Bella is a natural in front of the camera, as is the rest of the family. See you guys soon!

HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 002HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 003HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 004HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 005HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 006HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 007HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 008HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 009HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 011HoustonFamilyPhotographerFra 012


HoustonFamilyPhotographer 006 copy

I feel lucky to call these amazing people my friends. We got together last weekend at Raymond and Matt’s parent’s house in Conroe to take family photos. We all had a lot of fun, but I believe little Lily was the most excited to have her picture taken. I’m already looking forward to next time guys!

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 007

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 004

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 012

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 009

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 010

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 011

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 013

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 008

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 001

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 002

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 003

HoustonFamilyPhotographer 005


Scobercea1.15blog headerLittle Lucy is already a year old. Eleanor and Charlie are growing up so fast. Time sure does fly! Before you know it their new baby brother or sister will be here. It is always a fun time getting together with this growing family and our dear friends to capture a few moments for them. See you guys soon!!Scobercea1.15blog 001Scobercea1.15blog 004Scobercea1.15blog roomScobercea1.15blog 003Scobercea1.15blog 006Scobercea1.15blog 008Scobercea1.15blog 010Scobercea1.15blog 009Scobercea1.15blog 012Scobercea1.15blog 013Scobercea1.15blog 014Scobercea1.15blog 015Scobercea1.15blog 016Scobercea1.15blog 018Scobercea1.15blog 020Scobercea1.15blog 021Scobercea1.15blog 022Scobercea1.15blog 026Scobercea1.15blog 024Scobercea1.15blog 019


KooBlog2014_headerI always look forward to photographing this family. This is my 4th year now, so I’ve really gotten to see the Catie and Caroline grow over the years. And they are darned cute if I do say. Thank you again, guys. Have a Merry Christmas. Looking forward to next year!KooBlog2014 012KooBlog2014 013KooBlog2014 009KooBlog2014 010KooBlog2014 005KooBlog2014 006KooBlog2014 007KooBlog2014 001KooBlog2014 002KooBlog2014 004KooBlog2014 003

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