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HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi_headerHappy Thanksgiving! I got together with this family last weekend out in Northwest Houston. It had been a while since they had a good family photo taken, so I was happy to help them out. They were a blast to work with and I have just about as many goofing around photos as I do “serious” portraits. I’m already looking forward to next time guys. Thanks for a great shoot!HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 002HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 003HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 006HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 005HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 004HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 007HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 008HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 009HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 010HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 011HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 012HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 017HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 013HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 014HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 015HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 016_2


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Happy Thanksgiving people! If you’ve been around here for a while then you’ve seen Max, Mason and his parents before. We got together again last weekend for some family photos. It’s so cool to “watch” these kids grow up year after year. I think they are turning about to be quite the little gentlemen. Don’t you agree? Thanks again guys!HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 001HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 002HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 005HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 006HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 008HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 009HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 010HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 011HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 013HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 014HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 015HoustonFamilyPhotographerWu 016

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