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HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi_headerHappy Thanksgiving! I got together with this family last weekend out in Northwest Houston. It had been a while since they had a good family photo taken, so I was happy to help them out. They were a blast to work with and I have just about as many goofing around photos as I do “serious” portraits. I’m already looking forward to next time guys. Thanks for a great shoot!HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 002HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 003HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 006HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 005HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 004HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 007HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 008HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 009HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 010HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 011HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 012HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 017HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 013HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 014HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 015HoustonFamilyPhotographerMecchi 016_2

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