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Everyone welcome little Arjun and his parents Dipesh and Annika to the blog. I had the pleasure of meeting up with this sweet family yesterday at Hermann Park to take these photographs. I have to say that Arjun was one of the most laid back little dudes I’ve had the pleasure of hangin’ with. I really enjoyed it guys, let’s do it again soon!


Blog readers! Say hello to Connor, Chase, Courtney, Michelle and Winfield. You might be thinking, someone here looks familiar… You are right! Michelle is Rebecca’s sister. I got together with the family this past weekend to help them welcome little Courtney into the family. And of course we couldn’t resist goofing off some too. Thank you guys and congrats! — Jonathan


Say hello and congrats to Clear Lake High School senior Brian! Brian is graduating this year and is headed off to Texas A&M in College Station. Between his mad classic rock skills on the guitar to his talent on the football field, Brian is headed places. Thanks for a fun shoot Brian!

Natalie - May 4, 2012 - 8:09 am

Awww Brian is all grown up! Love you Boo. The pictures look great!

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