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Hey blog followers! Meet Max! Max just turned 1 year old and he couldn’t be more excited about it. I got together with him and his family last weekend to hang out and take these photos. If I’m lucky it won’t be the last time I get to see this group. Thanks guys! – J
Achoo!!Can’t find my glasses…Look! A book!! In my mouth…Look! An iPhone!! In my mouth…Watchu lookin’ at?


I’m sure you all recognize this sweet family from their many appearances here on the blog. We’ve practically watched little Gabriel go from a baby to a dude! I got together with the family a couple weeks ago to document this special time for the family. Gabriel is going to be a big brother! It won’t be long at all until I get to share photos of his baby sister. Thank you guys!


Hey blog friends. Meet Brooke and Treshawn. You might recognize Brooke from the few times I’ve shot her and her family. I got together with these crazy BFF’s last week to get some photos they can use for potential future modeling work. They were fun to shoot and I’m pretty sure they actually took more photos with their iPhone’s during the shoot than I did with my cameras:)Enjoy!

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