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HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 000postheadermakerScobWelcome the Scobercea family back to the blog! You’ve seen most of these guys here over the years. Blakley and I have known Raz and Emma for about 10 years and recently got to get together with the whole Scobercea family. The shoot was a blast and it was great to see the love this family has for each other. See y’all soon!HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 001HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 002HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 003HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 004HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 005HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 006HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 007HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 008HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 009HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 010HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 011HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 012HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 013HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 015HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 016HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 017HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 018HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 019HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 020HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 021HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 022HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 023HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 024HoustonFamilyPhotographerScob 025

Mom - December 18, 2013 - 8:31 pm

Is this your friend the doctor? The young women are drop dead gorgeous! Pretty scenery. Where?

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